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Welcome to Agoda Outside.

Agoda Outside is a new undertaking from Agoda, a company that provides online accommodations for travelers around the world.  Agoda’s business is built on ideas, innovation, experiments, and technology – combined with a love of travel.

Our founders wanted to create way to make travel easier, more efficient, and more accessible.  Agoda has become one of the world’s largest travel companies: From its roots in Southeast Asia, our accommodations network now reaches around the world.  Agoda’s success has come from exceptional people, great ideas, innovation, experimentation, hard work, strong partnerships – and no small amount of good fortune.

Consumers believe that travel is very important to their happiness, as one story we’ve highlighted on this site shows. Those of us who have had the opportunity to work at Agoda believe that technology and travel can work together to change the world for the better.

Agoda Outside focuses on ideas, research, exchanging information, philanthropy, and outreach. We want to engage other organizations that can help us find ways to make the world a better place.  The things we care about:

  • How technology and design are creating the future
  • How travel helps us rethink the world
  • How big ideas make a difference in business
  • What science and experiments can teach us about human behavior

We hope you find our site interesting. If you do, please share some of these insights and connect with us to share your ideas about how we can work together toward common goals. You can also learn more about careers at Agoda on our careers page.

Sincerely yours,


Peter L. Allen
Managing Director, Agoda Outside